"Eat, Dance, Love" San Lucido experience

"I want to go somewhere where I can marvel at something," says Julia Roberts as Liz in the film "Eat Pray Love", based on the autobiographical book by Elizabeth Gilbert.

At the Arteinvivo festival, conceived by Loredana Ruggieri and Francesca Stocchi, we propose "Mangia,Balla Ama" – or Eat, Dance, Love - inviting travellers to discover the beauty of Italy from a new and regenerative perspective.

Come join us between July 24-30th 2023 for a week in the village of San Lucido, and enjoy an experiential cultural stay that will explore these themes, overturn the clichés of the Italian tourism industry and will give Calabria a special place in your heart forever.

"Eat”: Enjoy fresh seafood and an incredible variety of vegetable in one of San Lucido’s many restaurants, trattorias and bars, sampling delicacies born of a great civilisation and a true love of food. The festival offers a journey where you will learn the family secrets that you won’t find in books or algorithms, and take home a beautiful recipe for handmade pasta or juicy aubergine balls. The chefs Francesca Frangella, Giovanni Mannarino and Renato Marchese will guide you on this adventure.

If you want to discover how to accompany dishes with wine, you can follow the guided tour of the offered by professional sommeliers AIS Calabria, tasting nine wines from Calabria's most prestigious wineries.

"Dance": Learn to dance the local tarantella with Francesco de Luca, who will make you sweat and laugh to the syncopated rhythm of Italy's most famous dance, the joyful tarantella.

Extraordinary artists such as Alessandro Sessa, Vincenzo Cesario, Marco Guglielmi, Giovanni Squillacioti have prepared a rich and exclusive programme of music and singing lessons, for novices and amateur musicians alike. These musicians cultivate, preserve and pass on the emotional beat of ancient songs, sounds and instruments. Following a unique workshop with Diego Filippo, you will receive an ancient lutherie of the Calabrian shepherds as a gift.

But don't forget that in San Lucido you can learn another heritage dance: flamenco, the emblem of creative strength. Olga Pericet and Marco Flores – two exceptional talents from the world of flamenco - will take to the stage to teach their art in four workshops. Learning from these professional artists over four days, participants will take giant steps forward, and dive into the possibility of expressing themselves through dance. What a luxury!

"Love": in order to love, one must know, meet, understand, open up, which is why experiential cultural holidays fill souls with happiness. During the festival, two local artists, Milena Cosentino and Marilena Malito, offer workshops to model your own original version of traditional clay artifacts from the region.Unique objects, made with your own hands; not souvenirs made in China!

And of course, in San Lucido there is the crystal clear sea, which can be enjoyed together with a small crowd of Italian families on holiday. Join them at leisure, in the cool hours of the morning, or when the sun is beating down on your skin, or to enjoy the splendid sunset in peace.

“Pray”? You can do so at any time, immersed in the beauty of this unique location, and there is also a place of great spirituality nearby; the Sanctuary of San Francesco di Paola.

 To wrap up our magical journey, we propose a group visit on our final evening to the Hermitage of Santa Maria di Monte Persano, an abandoned monument that lights up with an extraordinary light at sunset. A moment to rise, listen to the stories of the place and the wild medicinal herbs with Mario Matera, meditate before returning "to town" for the big final party, where everyone dances, sings and plays.

If you're still wondering what to do in a week that will live up to your well-deserved holiday? The Arteinvivo festival in San Lucido is certainly your next destination!

 Information and reservations: Info@arteinvivo.it

Registration and full programme: iscrizione@arteinvivo.it

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Special thanks to our friend Jenni Sawyer